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Welcome to Phonak (Macau) Hearing & Speech Center

The consequences can be so serious if hearing loss go untreated

  • Headache
  • Tinnitus
  • Increased Hearing Loss
  • Safety Issues
  • Communication Barriers
  • Emotional
  • Affect Family Relations
  • Communication difficulty
About Us

The personality traits of hearing-impaired children are the same as those of ordinary people. They will also be shaped into different traits due to the influence of their growing background and educational environment.Phonak is a synergy of teamwork and determination with a belief that successful hearing health service is not just providing a hearing aid, but also requires quality service, reliability, efficiency, and excellent professional support. Our mission is being the forefront of technology and our philosophy is: “To do our BEST, to serve the public; To bestow our PROFESSIONALISM upon the hearing-impaired”

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30 years
Servicing Hong Kong about 30years
9 years
Servicing macau about 9years
Services Feature
3D printing earmould technology
We are proud to announce that Phonak is the first and only one hearing centre in Macau equipped with 3D printing earmould equipment.
Our service

8 minutes to touch the love of your parents - you can hear them

We grew up and built up our own work, life, friends and family.

Have you been concerned about your parents for a long time?

When we were young, our parents never stopped taking care of us. They taught us how to behave. In the twinkling of an eye, they grew old and became difficult to communicate.

Please do not blame them. Please be patient.

The person who loves you the most in the world.

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